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I want to buy a new car, which brand to choose?

Q: I want to buy a new car, which brand to choose?The answer to that would be that. Any brand. Because each brand will have strengths and weaknesses that vary as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Chef de Paulet Benz BMW sedan. Volvo, Hyundai, Audi, Skoda, Smart, Suzuki, etc. configuration and many other brands. You can choose what you like European or Asian car go first. If you have young ox was tight between the European tech Kota possible. If you like speed was a little light, but I have not run it to Asia or Japan itself. Let's see an example of the same brand them before me. I try to read it offline.
The first example is Toyota TOYOTA Toyota hope all of you would be familiar with this brand it. It is known as a brand that is hard to buy a pocket too. The time to repair the problem, it looks like I'm 7-11, but little about the Shadow. I think the time to sell. Price did not fall much. It is only because it is very cheap. Make your business on the road. This led Toyota to make my fleet so much. For example, the Toyota vios If you are in Bangkok, they will probably see the same image that I mentioned. Nevertheless. For those that are different, and are still looking for a car that is not very high. And the removal of a lot. I still like it. (But do not drive too fast, scary ^ ^) for Toyota Vigo pickup.
Yep, another blog post about this boiler will not mention it would not. Radiator for Toyota then. As explained previously. Whether you go to the center. Or repaired by a radiator repair shop. With Toyota's car market, the radiator and parts at affordable prices. That it would have been. But I would choose it. Gresham has been since I (inferior) to the right quality. Be made of brass, copper or aluminum, but I feel it. I would say it's kind of a double boiler to listen to it again.

Brand or next MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Mitsubishi is a brand, not to mention it would not. Although I would not call a car a little expensive in Japan. Is another brand if you can find a good balance, solid body and he is strong enough to be my tag much. Because it is quite expensive. When compared to the Toyota. The downside is that the car models are on sale I will fall. Jesus was not playing well. If you play it, it will bring down the old machine, and it's up to the V (EVO) do.
The radiator of the car models. Do not mention it. Expensive than other brands of cars, although the exact size as well (this is where I took the car into the center. If the radiator repair shops generally do not differ greatly).
Later than the next luxury watch that is HONDA Honda Honda or other brands that say that. Buy it for a good price. But when there are problems. Or loss that is zero though. The outside hard to find parts. Seldom sold in the market. But I do not rely on it. Honda Center. Not as awesome as we think of you anymore. He has developed new. Price will be adjusted almost all the Japanese cars. (If the price of the spare parts department together).
For example, the big car HONDA JAZZ ACCORD both my current appearance. Below it.

JAZZ Price / S ACCORD Price / THB1659 headlight lamps (light skin).1755 (light color as the car) * 3788 (halogen).** 10,165 (HID lamp clear).*** 12,466 (HID lamp black).Tail lights lamps 1594 2996.2354 front bumper (engine IDSI).2461 (engine V TEC) 3,745.Hood 3424 8121.
How was the price. I would not give you the light. Because it is not expensive as you think.
The radiator then as well. If you center it a little harder. If you find a radiator repair shop or Honda Accord Radiator order direct from the factory, it will save a lot more than ever.
European side of the car that is similar ...
Advanced performance, good road. I like cold weather. (We had to wait a year in winter).And the need for a full credit to him to do exactly that.The Club is always on. The cast is second to none.Lifetime is very durable. And focus on safety.Pretty good with the family and then drove up to the same speed.
But do not talk about resale. Can not guarantee that, of course. Because it will damage the long thread.
And for the radiator. Make them go on expensive luxury car is the radiator. It runs along with it. Because of that little car. To produce less. And produce less. Price high to make it run well.